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about us

OLIVIA MAREQUE is much more than a Spanish bag brand; We believe in the power of feeling self-confident, where there are no rules or limits that stop us from achieving what we dream of one day.

We are Leire and Cynthia, founders of the brand and whose adventure started in 2019 as a result of an urgent need to find "different bags".

From there the idea was born that the same bag could be combined with several chains, that is, that you can give it your own personal touch by combining it with vegan leather, metal, resin, nylon chains...
In this way we achieve that an OLIVIA MAREQUE can be used throughout the day, adapting to the plan / moment in which we find ourselves.

All our bags are versatile, timeless and are made with materials that are not of animal origin. We are 100% committed to not using leather materials and to continue exploring new forms of production and design that minimize the impact on the Planet. We want to achieve a more responsible consumption and, therefore, promote a much more sustainable lifestyle.

For the moment this is all we can tell you but we are happy to continue writing our story almost three years later and that more and more of you are part of this OLIVIA MAREQUE Universe.

Thank you for supporting us


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